Business culinary delights

Culinary delights

We can offer the following culinary tastings for your business.

Limburg Lunchtrain

A tasteful impression of Limburg’s most favourite meals, completely attuned to the taste of young and old, that is the Limburg Lunchtrain at the Miljoenenlijn. A train lunch, in which you experience the essence of Limburg: savoury, tantalising, sweet, challenging, surprising, but above all, enjoying without stress.

High Tea Package

In England, it is tradition to have tea in the afternoon. Especially for our passengers, we combine this historical custom with a steam journey on the Miljoenenlijn. While enjoying beautiful views, passengers are served an original High Tea in the salon carriage. Of course, entirely according to typical English custom with sandwiches, mini-muffins, scones and four deliciously fragrant types of tea!