Activities on and around

Simpelveld Station

Simpelveld Station

About 100 years ago, border station Simpelveld was the economic centre on the railway line from Aachen to Maastricht. Here, all travellers were inspected by customs officers. Travellers who managed to avoid the controls traded their contraband in one of the eight(!) pubs opposite the station.

Today, the old station building from 1908 can still be seen and forms the beating heart of the Zuid-Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij. On the yard you will find our cosy station restaurant with terrace, ‘t Winkel (the shop) and our small museum.

Activities at and around Simpelveld Station


In the small museum, housed in the former stationmaster’s office, you can see a special collection of historical railway items. This collection was put together by a few volunteers and supplemented by donations from collectors. Striking are the many different historical station signs and the extensive collection of railway caps. You will also find attributes from the time when Simpelveld Station was still a station of the Dutch Railways. Finally, the museum introduces you to the history of the Miljoenenlijn, the railway line Aachen-Maastricht, the Limburg Tramway Company and Limburg’s mining history.


In the workshop of the Miljoenenlijn-Depot the preservation of the railway heritage is worked on daily. Specialised volunteers of the Miljoenenlijn take care of all locomotives and carriages. Knowledge and preservation of the historical value are key issues here, whether it concerns steam trains or freight wagons. Other working groups, such as the Green working group (nature and environmental maintenance) or the Signalling working group (responsible for all signals, points and level crossings) also use the workshop as a base of operations.

Next to the workshop is the carriage depot, where our collection of locomotives and carriages is displayed.
Finally, on the Miljoenenlijn-Depot we find the pit of the former turntable and the old, still functioning water tower. Both the pit and the tower are monuments.

Please note: In the interests of safety, visits to the workshop and the carriage depot are not possible without an adult and are made entirely at your own risk. In the case of specialist work, the workshop may be closed to visitors.

Brasserie Perron 4

Situated in the monumental visitation hall of Simpelveld station, the Miljoenenlijn offers its guests a unique station restaurant with delicious Burgundian food. Enjoy the splendid view in ‘Brasserie Perron 4’, where, on driving days, the steam train literally stops in front of the terrace doors, and taste the nostalgia of the twenties of the last century.

‘t Winkeltje

In the station restaurant you will find a small souvenir shop. A wide range of clothing, gadgets, (train) books and DVDs, maps and toys are for sale here. The saleswoman will be happy to help you pick out the perfect present. Your purchase in ‘t Winkeltje also supports the ZLSM Foundation, thus helping to maintain our historical heritage.


At Simpelveld station it is also possible to take a (free) guided tour over the railway yard. A specialised guide will take you through the history of Simpelveld, its station and the trains of the Miljoenenlijn and will give technical explanations about everything that is needed to make a train run. During the tour you will make a trip of about 45 minutes, during which you will also visit the signal box and the workshop. Of course, there is plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Ask at the ticket office for the possibilities!

Miniature track

Children (and often their parents) will be amazed. On this open-air model railway, trains run through a miniature landscape with hills, bridges and tunnels. This so-called LGB railway can be found on the 1st platform, just past the restaurant and the picnic area.

Signal boxes

The signalman at Post T in the station is responsible for operating the various switches, signals and level crossings, together with the signalmen at the two signal boxes. Without the presence of the signalman, no train can depart or arrive. Simpelveld station is still fully protected by the classical (mechanical) safety system. Our volunteers will be happy to tell you more about this and show you how all levers and buttons work in the signal box.