By car to the steam train


At almost all the stops of our trains it is possible to park your car. Please see the schedule below for each station.

Parking is free! For all available parking spots, however, parking is at your own risk.

Simpelveld Station

Simpelveld Station, the main station of the Miljoenenlijn, has a spacious parking lot right next to the station.

Cars as well as motorcycles and coaches/buses can park here. Right at the beginning of this parking you will find 2 parking spaces for disabled people.

Eys-Wittem Station

Right next to the station in Eys there are 3 parking spaces available. Be careful when driving out, dangerous intersection!

Wijlre-Gulpen Station

The parking lot in Wijlre, located directly in front of the train station, offers ample parking options for both cars and coaches.

Schin op Geul Station

In Schin op Geul, several dozen parking spaces can be found next to the platform of the Miljoenenlijn. The platform can be reached by stairs or by the ground level terrace.

Please note: As of January 1, 2019, the parking lot at Schin op Geul Station is no longer accessible to coaches and buses. They must stop down Vinkenbergstraat in Schin op Geul or one train stop earlier at Wijlre-Gulpen Station.

Spekholzerheide Station

Spekholzerheide does not have its own parking lot.

Kerkrade Station

Kerkrade Station of the Miljoenenlijn (50 meters away from Kerkrade Centrum Station, the Arriva station) does not have its own parking lot. However, parking is possible, 80 meters from the platform, in the parking lots of the Museumplein (Discovery Museum).

Bocholtz Station

Bocholtz does not have its own parking lot.

Vetschau Station

A wide parking lane can be found 20 meters from the platform in Vetschau for parking your car.