Pricing and tickets

Prices and tickets

Discover the nostalgia of the railroads in Limburg at the Miljoenenlijn and travel with our trains through South Limburg. Check out our current ticket rates below.

Prices 2024

Each ticket type is valid for train rides on our museum line from the selected time slot. This time choice can be made in the ticket shop.

Day Ticket Adults
12 years or older
€ 17,50€ 19,00
Day Ticket Children
3 to 11 years
€ 7,50€ 9,00
Day Ticket Children
up to 2 years
Day Ticket Family
2 adults + 2 children
€ 43,00€ 47,00
Group Ticket
From 20 persons, for more information see our page for groups
€ 16,00€ 16,00
Short trip Ticket
Max. 2 stops
€ 7,00

Please note: Our steam train has a maximum capacity of 5 carriages. If these seats are occupied within a time slot, it is no longer possible to order tickets for that particular time slot. Not even at the ticket office in Simpelveld.

Boarding or disembarking can be done at any station along the Miljoenenlijn

Using the timetable you can decide which train you take and where you get on and off. The Miljoenenlijn runs on the following routes:

Includes: Discover South Limburg with Arriva!

With all train tickets of the Miljoenenlijn (see price table above) you travel for free between Schin op Geul and Valkenburg with Arriva!

Would you like to continue your travel through South Limburg past the Miljoenenlijn stops? Our Day Passes (both e-tickets and local tickets) are also valid for travel with Arriva between Maastricht Randwyck, Schin op Geul and Kerkrade Centrum. These are the following routes:

  • Heerlen – Kerkrade Centre (S3)
  • Maastricht Randwyck – Valkenburg – Schin op Geul – Heerlen (S4 & S5)

Check for Arriva’s current schedule.

All rates listed on this page are valid during regular driving days. Rates for event days may vary.